Art Sandoval, Director International Business,  Kawasaki

Art Sandoval, Director International Business,  Kawasaki

Art Sandoval

Director International business



Art Sandoval is the Director of International Business at Kawasaki and has been involved in International Business at Kawasaki for 15+ years. In that time Art has rejuvenated Kawasaki’s global branding and international sales efforts. Art brings tremendous experience across various platforms of international business, not just motorsports.

Kawasaki and it's technological capabilities, polished over a history that exceeds a century, send diverse products forth into wide-ranging fields that go beyond land, sea, and air, extending from the ocean depths to space. Kawasaki are also active in wide-ranging businesses driven by diverse and high-level engineering technologies, including environmental and recycling plants, industrial plants, precision machinery, industrial robots, and infrastructure equipment. Finally, they operate their leisure and power products business that features the motorcycles known as the Kawasaki brand.