Think Global Forum - Manufacturing event


22 September 2016


Newport beach, California


island hotel


Think Global Forum Manufacturing Launch Video


Mountain View, California August 11, 2016

Think Global Forum Manufacturing to launch with leading industry executives

Leaders from a wide range of sectors within the manufacturing industry will participate in the latest Think Global Forum initiative designed to help companies address the challenges and opportunities presented by operating at a local level throughout the global marketplace.

The Think Global Forum will launch a new manufacturing sector executive panel and will curate the strategic insight and creative ideas of this panel of industry thought-leaders to produce and publish a series of global outputs industry wide.

Vistatec, a company that provides globalization and localization services to global brands, launched the initiative with the travel sector earlier this year and this is the second Think Global Forum sector to be officially announced.

"Think Global Forum remains an important globalization leadership initiative that will benefit any brand managing the challenges of globalization," said Thomas Murray, Chief Executive Officer of Vistatec.

"I am looking forward to the challenge of developing and promoting manufacturing, capacity, jobs, and innovation in the global economy and the Think Global Forum is an excellent opportunity to do this for the wider manufacturing sector," says Tammy Grills, Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. "I very much look forward to being part of this exciting new initiative and to working with the executive panel to help deliver real positive outcomes in the ever-changing manufacturing industry."

"This is a very unique opportunity for leading manufacturing experts to discuss and develop solutions for the industry sector. Vistatec remain proud to be the conduit that will help businesses to communicate more effectively with global customers, firstly in the travel and hospitality sector and now in this new area of global manufacturing through the Think Global Forum initiative," added Simon Hodgkins, Chief Marketing Officer at Vistatec.

The executive panel for Think Global Forum – Manufacturing will be chaired by Michele Smith, Vistatec's Vice President of New Business Worldwide. Panel participants represent a cross section of the manufacturing industry.

The Think Global Forum Manufacturing meeting will be held Thursday, September 22, 2016, at the Island Hotel, Newport Beach, California.


Media Contact:
Simon Hodgkins, info(at)thinkglobalforum(dot)org