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Think Global Forum NYC

Think Global Forum NYC

It was all about Ireland and the United States when the Think Global Forum returned to New York City on May 20th. The event was hosted by Vistatec in partnership with Enterprise Ireland at the Irish Consulate on Park Avenue. Many esteemed guests and forum executives from some of the world’s premiere companies and organizations were in attendance.

Think Global Forum was honored that Ambassador of Ireland to the United States, Daniel Mulhall, attended the event and opened the forum by discussing the growth of globalization and the Irish economy. “…Ireland has been transformed because our economy has undergone a dramatic overhaul. We have now become of one the most open economies in the world” he said .

Vistatec attendees included Unn Villius, CSO, Jill Goldsberry, Director of Sales, and Priscillia Charles, Communications Director, Think Global Forum.

“I was very impressed with the guest speakers at the Think Global Forum New York. I found the diverse range of topics discussed; e-commerce localization, outsourcing the entire localization program, etc. fascinating. It was also a pleasure to spend time and learn from so many seasoned executives” commented Goldsberry.

When speaking on eCommerce localization, Yuka Kurihara (Director of Globalization, Pitney Bowes) stated that “Global eCommerce really presents a great opportunity for all size businesses, but you can only be successful if you really take the localization and globalization requirements seriously”.

Amongst the guest speakers was also Jeff Marques (Senior Program Manager, Globalization, Adobe), who gave  an insightful presentation on outsourcing localization “Synergize the entire thing. Make your vendor part of the team” said Marques.

Enterprise Ireland (EI) is a long-standing partner and supporter of Vistatec. As an organization within the Irish government, EI is in charge of promoting the development and growth of Irish businesses in world markets. Representing the organization was Hannah Webb, Senior Vice President, Business and Consumer Services, Talent Management and BPO, Enterprise Ireland.

“The Think Global Forums hosted by Vistatec are an excellent way to bring together industry leaders to discuss the future of business. When I attended the forum in NYC this spring, I was very impressed with the quality of the speakers and the content. It’s refreshing to attend an event that highlights key topics like e-commerce or partnering and then encourages open discussion of the themes and challenges brought to light. The level of expertise in the room was significant and the attendees were so engaged in the conversation whether they were in retail, finance, or technology. I’m definitely looking forward to the next TGF!” said Webb when asked about her experience at the event.

Following the presentations, a private reception and dinner was enjoyed by the guests who continued to network discuss the themes of the day.

Thank you to everyone who attended the inaugural Think Global Forum NYC Event. A special thanks to Enterprise Ireland for co-sponsoring as well as Daniel Mulhall and the Irish Consulate for hosting. We appreciate your support and looks forward to continuing a wonderful partnership.

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