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Retail Excellence eCommerce Conference 2018

by Aoife Murphy, Think Global Forum Europe Managing Director.

I battled through Storm Ali to attend the Retail Excellence eCommerce Conference 2018 in Dublin.

As part of the Think Global Forum (TGF) initiative, I will be hosting our second Retail & eCommerce gathering in London next week so it was great to hear from the experts on the latest hot topics in the industry ahead of our own event. My interest lies in the impact that these trends will have on the professional community whose focus it is to ensure ‘going-global’ success.

Some great insights and experiences were shared, providing me with plenty of food for thought:

  • Personalisation is widely acknowledged to be the future of successful eCommerce.

  • You need to bring people on a cross channel journey, prompted by personalised onsite product recommendations, emails, popups and social media ads at different stages.

  • It is no surprise then that behavioural data accounts for 98.4% of all data generated by shoppers.

  • The 2019 E-Commerce KPI Report created by Wolfgang Digital is well worth a download.

  • If your website is not responsive /mobile friendly, you are behind already.

  • Ashley Mc Donnell from Christian Dior spoke about how we can learn a lot from Chinese technology in retail.

  • This New York Times video tells us about the WeChat phenomenon.

  •  ‘Get in there quick!’ Ctrip (now, is a travel platform used extensively by Chinese travelers. It is barely used by retailers in Ireland so there is a huge opportunity for first mover advantage to make your brand visible to Chinese travelers visiting Ireland.

  • A recent study found that 49% of US consumers turn to Amazon first when shopping for products online. What does that tell us about where we should be spending our SEO budget?

  • The person who engages with you through Facebook or other social media channels is twice as likely to buy from you than through your website. Facebook now provides analytics which is a huge step forward considering its importance for retail engagement.

  • For SMEs and local retailers, providing a Click & Collect facility is key to survival but it needs to be well planned and executed.

  • Brexit, the ubiquitous elephant in the room, is a huge challenge for most companies, but is it an opportunity for ferry companies to become floating shopping centres with duty free ?

There is a lot of conjecture about the impact that digital transformation will have on retail; keeping up with ecommerce trends is key to weathering the storm. I’m really excited about continuing this conversation with our expert Think Global Forum Executives when I chair the boardroom session in London for the upcoming Think Global Forum Retail and eCommerce event at the Corinthia Hotel, Whitehall, London.

The Think Global Forum Retail and eCommerce returns to London

The Think Global Forum Retail and eCommerce returns to London

September 18, 2018. Dublin | Ireland

The Think Global Forum Retail and eCommerce is to take place for the second time on October 3rd, 2018 at the Corinthia Hotel, London. After a successful launch last December in London, the second edition of the forum will see forum executives from leading global retail and eCommerce companies discuss the future and challenges that the industry faces.

Attendees are invited to join the event for a networking session followed by lunch and speeches by three guest speakers. Forum Executives will then meet for a special boardroom session where they will be able to exchange ideas and explore opportunities in this fast-paced, technology-driven industry.

“This is an exciting time in the world of retail & eCommerce with game-changing transformation and innovation very much in play. We are delighted to be gathering leaders in the industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities that this presents, especially when it comes to going global,” commented Aoife Murphy, Managing Director, Europe at Think Global Forum.

The second edition of the event follows a series of successfully returning Think Global Forums about Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Technology, and Travel, all launched in 2017 in Europe and the United States.

The Corinthia Hotel, ideally located in the heart of London, will be the perfect setting for this event, with its modern, stylish and up-to-date technology meeting rooms.

To learn more or to join the Think Global Forum, please visit

About Think Global Forum

The Think Global Forum, the Forum Executives and the wider Think Global Forum community brings together expert professionals to give a greater voice to the industry sectors. The forums include many senior executives from some of the most well-known global organizations. A key focus of the forum is to help shape the future and to help define and communicate key strategies within specific industry sectors, such as life sciences, manufacturing, retail, eCommerce, travel, and technology.

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Expansion of the European Think Global Forum

Expansion of the European Think Global Forum

Expansion of the European Think Global Forum

Retail and eCommerce Forum Executives Announced

Dublin, Ireland — November 28, 2017

The European Think Global Forum is continuing its expansion with a new forum dedicated to Retail and eCommerce. This forum will be launched on December 6, 2017, and attended by leading retail and eCommerce executives from many well-known global organisations.

Proceedings will include talks by industry leaders and networking, followed by the Forum Executive board meeting discussing the rapid changes, challenges and opportunities in the sector. The event will be hosted at the One Aldwych Hotel, London.

“I am absolutely honoured to be chairing the new European Retail and eCommerce forum. The Think Global Forum in Europe continues to expand adding to the existing forums around the world,” commented Aoife Murphy, Major Accounts Director at Vistatec.

Forum Executives include:

● Andreas Palm, Sony Mobile

● Margherita Martella, Staples Solutions

● Robert Dry, Tranquini

● Yuka Ghesquiére Nakasone, Beabloo

● Melissa McVeigh, Photobox

● Lahcene Gerrouj, Salesforce

● Bruno Herrmann, The Nielsen Company

● Alvaro Villalvilla Merelo, Nike

● Eoin Cooney, ARROE

● Kirsten Meinertz, K&Co

● Aoife Murphy, Vistatec

● Phil Ritchie, Vistatec

● Sibylle Eibl, Vistatec

“Following the recent European launch of the Think Global Forum for Travel, we have returned to London to host this exciting new Retail and eCommerce Forum. The retail sector is going through tremendous change and we are delighted to have a dedicated forum focusing on this industry with a view to outlining the future of retail,” added Simon Hodgkins, Chief Marketing Officer, Vistatec.

The Think Global Forum has existing industry specific forums in the USA for Technology, Travel, Manufacturing and Life Sciences. The European Think Global Forum will see continued expansion with this new forum in the series.

About Think Global Forum

The Think Global Forum, the Forum Executives and the wider Think Global Forum community bring together top experts to give a greater voice to leading industry sectors. The forums include many senior executives from some of the most well known global organizations. A key focus is to help shape the future and define and communicate key strategies within specific industry sectors.

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About Vistatec

Vistatec has been supporting some of the world’s most iconic brands to optimize their global commercial potential since 1997. Vistatec is one of the world’s leading global content solutions providers headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Mountain View, California, USA.

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Marketing Executive, Vistatec
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Think Global Retail Forum launching in 2017

Think Global Retail Forum launching in 2017

The 5th Think Global Forum will be launching in 2017

The Think Global Retail Forum follows on from the successful Technology, Travel and Hospitality, Manufacturing and Life Sciences Think Global Forums.

This new forum will cover many of the latest retail topics and provide insights into the global considerations facing international retail now and in the future. The forum will comprise of leading retail professionals from companies in this sector.

The forums launched so far include leading experts from many companies including GoPro, Generali, NetApp, LinkedIn, Yamaha, Illumina, Motorola, VMware, Toyota, Viator, Deloitte, Expedia, Europe Express and many more. 

Two-thirds of the top 250 global retailers already operate outside their home country borders. On average, these retailers have retail operations in more than 10 countries and derive almost one-quarter of their composite retail revenue from foreign operations.

The launch of the Think Global Forum for retail is an invitation only event at this time.

To register your interest in joining the wider Think Global Forum community please click here.